The Chief and Council were elected in 2022. The First Nation officials normally serve a three year term with the next election scheduled for 2025. Band Members who wish to learn more about the Bands electoral process contact the Band Office for more information.
Chief, Sheldon Sunshine along with Council will continue building collaborative relationships that will prepare the community for the challenges and rewards associated with the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nations future goals.
Name                                       Appointment Date

Chief Sheldon Sunshine                  April 2022
Councillor Hugh Garbitt                     April 2022
Councillor Grant Goodswimmer        April 2022
Councillor Rosalyn Goodswimmer     April 2022
Councillor Tracey Mclean                   April 2022
Councillor Karl Moses                        April 2022
Councillor Kevin Hamelin                    April 2022
On behalf of the Chief and Council of Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, we hope information you find on this web site is useful and informative.


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Taking Action, Getting Results

Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation Leadership works with the membership to create positive and sustainable change. We make sure our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and our community.

Members of Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation grant power to an elected Chief and Council, which form the political arm for Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, to govern the land and property of the membership.

Chief and Council deal with governance and policy issues in the community.

Supported by the administrative function, the Chief and Council's responsibilities include program and service delivery, financial management, policy development, and planning and control systems. They negotiate with the federal government and work to increase federal funding and bring new money and programs into the community.