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Mission Statement:

To promote and enhance economic opportunities including the provision of program/service delivery, to Band Members in varying aspects of economic development, with major emphasis in the areas of privately-owned businesses; the development of employment and training opportunities; and rendering of advisory services in all sectors. 
Key Objectives:

Business Development - To create the conditions under which, both local and regional business initiatives can prosper, taking into
full consideration the cultural uniqueness of aboriginal clientele and simultaneously enriching the local economic social environment.
Training - To increase employability capabilities via development of local human resources through various means, including, but not
limited to, specializing training opportunities which will counter the skills shortage problems of the community and also meet the
demands for training from community members.

Employment - To create employment opportunities, for interested Band Members, in all sectors, and to decrease barriers to
employment, bring into existence conditions which will permit acquisition of meaningful practical work experience and also meet the
manpower demands of employers.

Advisory - To create a medium by which clients of the Economic Development Program will be encouraged to pursue their goals.

Other - To formulate and implement a plan which will ensure proficiency in the delivery of services and to assure advancement in an
orderly manner in all aspects of economic development.
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