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Sturgeon Lake Health Center
Box 757
Valleyview, AB, T0H 3N0
Phone: 780-524-5520

Health Center Staff Contacts (0.1MB PDF File)  Hours of
8:30am - 4:30pm - Monday to Friday

Judy Hamelin - Health Director 

Mission Statement:

The Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation Health Services
Department values and respects every person's right to
confidentiality. It is our mission to serve the community and
provide quality programs and services, which meet the
needs of individuals, families, and community. We aspire to
develop a strong, healthy community where mutual respect

Sturgeon Lake Health Center Community

Children and Youth
Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program
Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve (AHSOR)
Maternal Child Health (MCH)

Mental Health and Addictions
National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program
(NNADAP)- (Community -based Program)
Building Healthy Communities (BHC)
Brighter Futures (BF) (Injury Prevention)
National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy

Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention
Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI)

Communicable Disease Control
Blood Borne Diseases and Sexually Transmitted
Infections (HIV/AIDS)
Vaccine Preventable Diseases (Immunization)

Environmental Health and Research
Environmental Health Program

Primary Health Care
First Nations and Inuit Home and Community Care
Health Benefits
Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB)

Health Governance/Infrastructure Support
Health Planning and Management
Health consultation and Liaison
Integration and adaption of Health Services
Security Services in Health Facilities
Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation
Treaty 8

Box 757
Valleyview, Alberta T0H 3N0

Phone: 780-524-3307

Fax: 780-524-2711

We offer programs and services that reflect the current and future health
priorities of the community. The following programs/services are currently
offered or will be implemented in the near future.

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