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Image by Callum Hill


Vision Statement 

The Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation is a dynamic community that celebrates the past, embraces the present, and is positioning itself for the future to create a harmonious and sustainable lifestyle for Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation members by engaging their active participation in community development. 

Mission Statement 

The Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation intends to improve the delivery of housing programs and services through the development of community-based policies and regulations that are directly tied to providing and sustaining adequate and affordable housing for current and future generations. 

Technical Services Staff 

Trina Young, Housing Clerk 


Cellphone: (780) 300-8809

Leslie Kappo, Project Manager 


Cellphone: (780) 552-1189

Dion Goodswimmer, Field Supervisor 

Cellphone: (780) 300-7039

Trevor Mclean, Maintenance 

Cellphone: (780) 552-3680

Edward Kiyawasew, Plumber 

Cellphone: (780) 552-3680

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