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Phone: (780) 524-5978 


Ray Albert
Phone: (780) 524-5978

Justin Mettler

Phone: (780) 532-3009


A tripartite agreement was signed by the Federal Government, Provincial Government and Western Cree Tribal Council in 2000 and officially became operational in 2001.

The Tribal Council consists of Duncan’s First Nation, Horse Lake First Nation and Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation. The program oversees all Child Welfare Inquiries for the three Nations. The Child Youth & Family Enhancement Board is established with members appointed by the Chiefs from all three Nations.

Mission Statement:

Working together to enhance the ability of families and communities to develop nurturing and safe environments for children, youth and individuals.

Vision Statement:

“Strong children, youth, families & communities.”
Continue to value, nurture, love, support and preserve their children, youth, families and communities by enduring relationships, healthy families and safe communities. Inspire children, youth, family and communities to enhance/gain sense of belonging, sense of stability, and self respect. Promoting healthy communities for children, youth and families.

Mandate & Description of Program:

The mandate of Western Cree Child, Youth & Family Enhancement Program is based on the agreements and memorandum of understanding that WCTC and the member First Nations have with the province of Alberta. This is all subject to the funding agreement with INAC. The authority of WCTC Child, Youth and Family Enhancement arises from the Three WCTC member First Nation’s Band Council Resolutions and the delegation to the entity, which operates the CYFS program. The goal of the CYFS program is to assist the WCTC Member First Nation communities in providing culturally sensitive child and family services to families in need.

Specific Services Available:

• Advocacy
• Parent education
• Parent aide
• Respite
• 24 hour response
• Child protection
• Out of home placement services (place of safety, alternative care, person of sufficient interest, family support home).

Program criteria including age group served:

When families are unable to fully carry out their responsibilities, the program provides protection and well being of children.
Foster Homes Are Urgently Required!

The need for foster homes is very high in all three Nations. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent. Please contact:

Kathy Boucher

Foster Care Worker
(780) 532-3009
(780) 524-6704

Foster Care training is available. The training will be at various locations. We need your assistance to keep our children in our communities!

• CYFE Brochure (PDF)
Information provided courtesy of Western Cree Tribal Council (WCTC). For more information on the programs and services offered by WCTC please visit there website

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