Technical Services


In the heart of Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, a dedication to creating a vibrant community resonates deeply. Our commitment to honoring the past, embracing the present, and shaping a sustainable future is embodied by the Technical Services Department. With a strategic vision, we seek to empower every member of Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, ensuring a harmonious and forward-looking community.

Crafting the Future:

Our vision is one of dynamic growth and sustainability, where the spirit of our community flourishes. Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation is dedicated to a landscape where each member enjoys a sustainable lifestyle deeply rooted in our heritage.

Empowering Collaborative Action:

At the heart of our mission lies the enhancement of technical services programs and offerings. We champion community-driven policies and practices that support the provision and sustainability of reliable and accessible technical services. Through active involvement and partnerships, we empower Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation members to shape the technical services landscape for generations to come.

A Mission to Thrive:

The mission of the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation’s Technical Services Department is clear—to elevate and refine technical services programs, ensuring equitable access for all community members. Grounded in community-driven policies, we are committed to initiatives that resonate with the diverse needs and aspirations of our vibrant community.

Constructing Futures, Nurturing Aspirations:

Beyond the physical structures, our department is committed to building more than infrastructure—we build spaces where aspirations take flight and the essence of community thrives. As we look ahead, we invite every member to actively participate in shaping the narrative of Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation’s technical services landscape. Together, we forge a path towards a sustainable and prosperous future. 

The technical services team