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Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation Departments

Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation is working hard to build a vibrant community that is at the forefront of economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability.



Administrative Department


Sharla Goodswimmer, Executive Assistant:
Wendy Badger, Administration Coordinator:



Finance Department

Gail Sunshine, Finance Director:

Deanna Kappo, Finance:

Michelle Mitchell, Payroll:

Cecilia Moses, Accounts Payable:

Public Works

Public Works Department


Fred Hall, Field Supervisor/Fire Chief: Phone:780-552-3620

Excavator Tractor


Consultation Department

Alexia Goodswimmer, Consultation and Land Use Coordinator

Email: Phone: 780-300-0232

Teresa Mitchell, Consultation Assistant:

Income Support

Income Support 

Cindy Standingribbon, Intake Worker: Email: Phone: 780-552-3202

Sheena Kiyawasew, Social Clerk:

Call Center Headset
Image by Greyson Joralemon


Housing Department

Trina Young, Housing Clerk: Email: Phone: 780-300-8809

Jacie Napio, Housing Clerk: Email:

Leslie Kappo, Housing Project Manager: Email: Phone: 780-552-1189

Dion Goodswimmer, Field Supervisor: Phone: 780-300-7039

Trevor Mclean, Maintenance: Phone: 780-552-3680

ISET Program

Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program (ISETP)

Jennifer Sunshine, ISETP Coordinator: Email: Phone: 780-524-5901

Kelly Davis, Receptionist: Email:

White office organization
Image by Christopher Boswell

Health Centre

Health Department

Jeannine Calliou, Health Director: Email: Phone: 780-524-7839

Jamie-lee Goodswimmer, Administrative Assistant:

Nikki Kiyawasew, Data Entry Clerk:

Cherish Goodswimmer, Community Health Clerk:

Tiffany Hamelin, Medical Transportation Coordinator: Email:

Jessica Beaulieu, Medical Transportation Clerk:

Rosalie Sunshine, Maternal Child Health: Email:

Lisa Goodswimmer, Community Health Representative:

Priscilla Sunshine, Community Health Representative:

Leroy Hamelin, NNADAP:

Carla Papastesis, NAYSPS:

Leah Badger, COHI:


Sturgeon Lake School

Shelly Hamelin, Sturgeon Lake School Principal:

Vera Gougeon, Administration Assistant:

Gwen Mitchell, Receptionist:

Bussing Program

Cynthia Thomas, Bussing Coordinator:

Post-Secondary Department

Nicole Moostoos, Post-secondary Coordinator:



Savannah Thomas, Elders Support Worker:

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