Income support


Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation’s Income Support department is dedicated to providing essential services and support to community members. Led by Cindy Standingribbon, the program offers Income Assistance On-reserve, delivering training, policy clarification, and vital services in the realm of Social Development and Income Assistance.

Key Services:

  • Training and Policy Clarification: Income Support strives to enhance the skills and knowledge of community members by providing comprehensive training programs.
  • Essential Services: The program ensures that essential services are accessible to those in need, contributing to the overall well-being of Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation.

National Child Benefit Reinvestment Initiative: Income Support oversees the National Child Benefit Reinvestment Initiative, utilizing resources to design and implement projects aimed at improving the lives of low-income families and children.

Program Overview:

  • Income Support Program (ISP): Replacing the Social Assistance Program, ISP, effective since July 1, 2004, focuses on providing support to on-reserve community members facing challenges in meeting their basic needs. The program places increased emphasis on skills development, training, and employment opportunities.

Eligibility: Income Support caters to two general groups:

  1. Expected to Work Clients: Individuals seeking employment or already working but in need of short-term assistance.
  2. Not Expected to Work Clients: Individuals facing challenges due to chronic mental or physical health problems or multiple barriers hindering their ability to work.

Benefits: Benefit rates vary based on category, family size, and composition. All clients are required to complete necessary forms to determine eligibility, ensuring that all information is provided and signed before any income support is issued.

For more information and assistance, please contact Cindy Standingribbon at 780-524-3307.